Zenterio’s Partnership With Deutsche Telekom

The rollout of Zenterio OS across Deutsche Telekom’s European footprint now includes Germany


Germany added to Zenterio’s partnership with Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom launches first set top box powered by Zenterio OS, as part of ambitious multi-year programme to transform how viewers watch TV and video on demand internationally.

Powered by Zenterio OS, the first commercial launch in Germany represents a major milestone.

More launches are planned in the near future with substantial potential uptake: such as UHD and Satellite.

About Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, with some 165 million mobile customers, 28.5 million fixed-network lines, and 18.5 million broadband lines.

Deutsche Telekom provides IPTV and satellite TV services in Germany, and IPTV, satellite and cable TV services in most of the other countries of its European operations. Outside Germany, its TV footprint includes Romania, Hungary (Magyar Telekom), Slovakia, Greece (OTE Group) and Croatia (T-Hrvatski Telekom).

In Germany DT has around 3 million TV subscribers, with the rest of Europe adding another 4.1 million to the total (end 1Q 2017 figures), making DT one of the leading pay TV operators worldwide.

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Deutsche Telekom partners with Zenterio to transform TV experience

Deutsche Telekom is working with Zenterio on an ambitious project to modernize the TV subscriber experience in Germany with one of the market’s largest deployments of IPTV set top boxes.

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