Zenterio at Broadband World Forum 2016

There’s a slight sense of déjà vu here at the Broadband World Forum (BBWF), as we are at the same venue as TV Connect, which Zenterio attended back in April this year. The show is about the same size and there is quite an overlap in exhibitors. Of course the focus of the two shows is different. TV Connect was all about the delivery of TV from a customer experience point of view, whereas BBWF is more about what you might call the ‘physical layer’ – how the IP data, of whatever type, gets to, from, and around, the home.

As you would expect considering the theme, the telecoms infrastructure vendors are well represented, with, for example, Zenterio’s system integration partner, Huawei being a major sponsor.

In terms of new product announcements, these have so far mainly been on the following topics:

  • 802.11, for distribution of data around the home;
  • 4G LTE, for broadband to mobile devices;
  • G.fast, for increasing broadband speeds to the home over copper;
  • xPON, for distribution of data over fibre; and,
  • Smart Home/IoT, for control of connected devices.

G.fast is probably causing the most excitement as it has yet to be commercially deployed. There are many trials ongoing and everyone is interested to see the results. Although rollout is not due to start until next year, Ovum are expecting worldwide G.fast volumes to ramp up to 29 million connections by 2021. Video is the main driver of broadband demand, so it is good to see more options for the delivery of high bitrate data to the home.

As well as the networking equipment vendors there are many set-top box manufacturers here, including Zenterio partners Kaon Media, Technicolor and Arris. This is not surprising as the set-top box often provides the interface between the two broadband segments – between the wide area network (WAN) provided by the operator and the home network of the subscriber. Operators use this connection to add on-demand movies and TV, plus their own or third party OTT offerings to their pay TV packages.

Zenterio provides the essential software for such connected devices. If you are at the show and want to meet with Zenterio to know more, please feel free to get in touch.


Chris Carter

Product Marketing Manager



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