Zenterio & Deutsche Telekom – The Success Story

The Success Story

Zenterio and Deutsche Telekom's (DT) partnership started in the beginning of summer 2017 when DT had recognised the need for a common software and decoupling of software and hardware to increase revenue. Since then Zenterio OS has been part of three product launches and the project to increase DT's relevance within a more competitive market finished with the release of MagentaTV which is powered by Zenterio OS. With the help of Zenterio's software, DT is a player to count on in the fight for subscribers.

Read more about the partnership throughout the years in our recent published blog post here:
Zenterio and Deutsche Telekom - A walkthrough of the partnership

Zenterio TV builds on the success of Zenterio OS

Zenterio OS, the Zenterio TV STB application platform, has been deployed in millions of households with some of the biggest TV operators in the world.
Zenterio OS offers flexibility in decoupling the software and hardware to be able to harmonise the software across multiple hardware platforms.
Unlike other solutions, Zenterio OS and thereby Zenterio TV reduces vendor dependency and keeps the Operator in control of their business and data ownership.

Zenterio OS is a complete, flexible and independent software stack for set-top boxes. It gives you a lower cost of maintenance and support and eliminates the cost of the legacy box.

To read more about Zenterio TV follow this link: Zenterio TV

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Featuring a Future-Proof Software-Based Architecture, Zenterio OS Speeds Up Time-to-Market for New Interactive TV Features Added to EntertainTV Sat

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Powered by Zenterio OS, the High-End ‘EntertainTV’ Box Supports 4K Content, YouTube™, Netflix, and Other Advanced Features

"Deutsche Telekom partners with Zenterio to transform TV experience"

Deutsche Telekom launches first set top box powered by Zenterio OS, as part of ambitious multi-year programme to transform how viewers watch TV and video on demand internationally.

"Interview with Thomas Staneker, Deutsche Telekom"

Thomas Staneker is the Head of Deutsche Telekom’s European TV Technology Service Center, which is based in Budapest.


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