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Deutsche Telekom launches, for the first time ever, their 4K TV STB in Germany.

The EntertainTV Box is powered by Zenterio OS and offers the TDG Germany subscribers 4K content, YouTube, Netflix and other advanced features which all adds up to an enjoyable experience. We are honoured to callaborate together on this exciting project!

Zenterio OS is based on a highly scalable, software architecture that reduces integration time, lowers costs, and enables the Deutsche Telekom Group to easily unify all STB deployments around a single middleware.

We are honoured to collaborate together on this project!

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"Deutsche Telekom Group Launches First 4K TV STB in Germany With Zenterio OS"

Zenterio provides set-top box middleware, an audience measurement platform, and user experience design and monetization technologies, and has an unmatched experience in integration and deployment of new services.

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