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With over 25 years of combined experience in the TV industry we have seen it all and done it all, from troubleshooting transport stream and teletext VBI insertion to onboarding Netflix and monetizing Ad units, building unique know-how and expertise when it comes to the delivery and consumption of media content. We help TV Operators to deliver great entertainment to the home and being loved by their subscribers.

Consulting and Transformation

From requirement analysis to feasibility studies and proof of concepts we enable Operators to understand, plan and efficiently execute their next step in delivering great entertainment on the first screen.

Complete Projects

Delivering turn-key solutions requires more than great products. Our experienced team of project managers, architects and system engineers will ensure that value is delivered in the Operator specific context, from business requirement analysis to service launch to maintenance.

Support and Solution lifecycle management

When you want to focus on next generation solutions we are there to take on the maintenance of your current system. We keep it up to date with upgrades and bug fixes that keep it running throughout its full life cycle.

From Analytics to Intelligent insights

Subscriber activity generates large amounts of behavioural data. When you want to dig deeper into this treasure trove we provide logging, reporting and analysis tools that tell you what the data means and what action to take.


Experience is key when integrating different components to form a deployable solution. Having worked with technologies that cover the whole TV ecosystem we are able to deliver complex systems that are both robust and high performance.

Certification Support

Need to carry a device thru a certification, such as Conditional Access, OTT apps or audio? We make sure it runs smoothly and predictably, from preparation, to execution to reporting.


Android TV changes the typical roles in a TV ecosystem. However client devices still need to be integrated, certified and lifecycle managed in the specific Operator environment, and that’s exactly what we do, making sure that Android delivers value.

Tech Consulting

Our staff of senior experts and developers can help and support your organisation to increase development capacity, executing special projects, cover for employees during leave periods and any other situation where digital TV skills and experience are key.

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Your Trusted Partner

Over 20 years

Over 20 years

Of track record creating awe-inspiring client-side solutions.

Large services organization

Large services organization

70+ dedicated resources in Sweden and Atlanta, USA

Broad worldwide market presence

Broad worldwide market presence

With offices in Sweden, Ireland and the US and a global sales organization covering all continents

Comprehensive offering

Comprehensive offering

Including System Integration, Software Design, User Experience and Hardware Design.

7M+ TV devices

20 years of unrivalled experience in digital TV

Offices in Sweden, Ireland and United States

20 years of combined expertise

Zenterio has over 20 years of combined expertise working as tech consultants, designers and integrators within the digital TV industry. We have an innate understanding for the different challenges, opportunities, needs and requirements that you are faced with, regardless of whether you work as a operator, an integrator or as a vendor.

Interactive TV Monetisation:

With traditional pay TV growth leveling off and consumers becoming less willing than previously to spend additional subscription revenue year-on-year for their existing service offerings, pay TV operators are seeking new ways of making money, primarily from digital activities.

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