PUM – Zenterio in collaboration with LiU

What and when was PUM 2018?

Our annual PUM event was held on the 13th of December!

Zenterio has, in collaboration with Linköping University coordinated the PUM course which was finished off with an event. The course targets students of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering in their final year of studies. The topic to work on changes each year and for 2018 the topic that was chosen for the students was Zenterio Cloud, which mainly focuses on content aggregation, metadata enhancement. The course divided the students into 5 virtual companies where students organize the organizational roles themselves to be able to develop their product.

This year, we invited the students to our Linköping office to pitch and present their projects at several different occasions. This is for the students to receive guidance in how they should proceed. Final presentation was on the 13th of December at Zenterio in Linköping where the students did a demo of their final product to Zenterio employees. At this final presentation each Zenterio employee in Linköping had the opportunity to vote for the company with the best product idea.
The company announced as the winner was:

C3 - Flatfish TV

Watch their product presentation below!

The companies

Company A (PLUM - PropheC)
PropheC is a product that aggregates seamlessly metadata information from different sources using Zenterio Cloud and presents a user interface to filter the movie catalogue for the consumer. The product is able to fetch movie ratings (e.g. IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes), which online content service provides a particular movie (e.g. Netflix, HBO, ViaPlay), along with additional information such as the synopsis and the cast and crew details on a particular scene of the movie. Watch their product video here: PropheC

Company B (Nerthus)
Nerthus focuses on enhancing the viewing experience while watching sport events to provide live and betting statistics together with additional information about the event such as the team lineup. The product is developed for mobile devices and specifically for Android platforms using Zenterio Cloud. Watch their product video here: Nerthus

Company C (C3 - Flatfish)
Flatfish is a product that integrates Twitch to fetch the most popular games played in live by the streamers. Flatfish is able to display the available games, show their live feeds from Twitch, integrate the chat of current viewers, and promote specific games for a particular game platform such as Steam. The integration of all the platforms is made through Zenterio Cloud. Watch their product video here: FlatfishTV

Company D (Shumai)
Shumai is a product that provides additional information to the consumers watching video news in mobile devices. The product collects in real-time live information from Twitter via Zenterio Cloud to present related tweets from the specific news the consumer is interested in. Watch their product video here: Newz

Company E (Pumba - Influsion)
Influsion is a new concept to bring a new customer segment to the TV market. The product aggregates content from the most popular influencers active in different social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube using the Zenterio Cloud. Influsion provides an easy way for consumers to find all the related content from their favorite influencers in one single platform. The product is tailored for mobile devices. Watch their product video here: Influsion

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This year, Linköping University in collaboration with Zenterio have successfully coordinated the PUM course.

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Another successful end to our annual PUM event! Zenterio has this year been collaborating with Linköping University during the PUM course

Watch the winning video and the PUM 2018 video here


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