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Pay-TV in 2020

The Evolution of the Television Market and How

Operators Can Strengthen Their Position as a Key


The pay-TV market is
evolving rapidly.

Any entity with a sizeable online platform can now become a distributor of video content. This is, of course, creating considerable challenges for traditional pay-TV operators.

Yet, pay-TV subscriber numbers continue to rise, with the world’s billionth subscriber added last year, according to IHS Market. Pay-TV subscriber growth is not consistent around the world, however. In the U.S., subscriber numbers fell by about 3 million last year, according to Kagan, and there are signs of weakness in Latin America mainly due to poor performance in Brazil. In Europe the market is generally mature, while in Asia numbers continue to grow strongly.

Overall the growth is modest and nowhere near as strong as it should be. This is mainly because over-the-top (OTT) services are adding users at three times the rate of pay-TV operators. In fact, Parks Associates estimates that more than 265 million households worldwide will have more than 400 million OTT video service subscriptions by 2022. Operators need to embrace OTT if they want to be successful and drive new revenue.

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Examines the different ways that the TV market is evolving and the forces shaping it. Additionally, it will discuss how the changes happening within the pay-TV market are impacting operators and transforming their role. To conclude, the paper will discuss specific steps that operators can take to secure their business now and in the future, with a vision about what the ideal pay-TV service will look like in 2020.

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