Zenterio’s Peter Rosenberg at Spelplanen

Posted On: 5th February 2015

Today Peter Rosenberg, Director Product Marketing at Zenterio, spoke at Spelplanen, which is an event where the broadcasting industry can meet, share and discuss hot topics, the current situation and the future of the TV market. At Spelplanen representatives from the whole industry, such as broadcasters, technology providers, pay TV operators, OTT companies, advertising experts, media, politicians and many more, are gathered.

In Peter’s speech he shared Zenterio’s view of the future and development of the TV industry, with focus on the shift in power from the TV channels/networks to the TV operators. The basis for this shift is the access to big data, and as the TV operators will have all the important data of the viewers, via the set-top-boxes, Zenterio believes that they are the winners. Peter also talked about what we, as viewers and consumers, can expect when it comes interactive TV and what TV advertising will look like in the future.

If you are interesting in getting to know more contact him directly.


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