Zenterio’s internal Hackathon 2017

Posted On: 20th October 2017

Over the last few years, Zenterio has held its annual Hackathon for all Zenterio Employees.

A Hackathon is a fun way for our employees to compete and collaborate on innovative projects. The goal for a hackathon is to bring ideas to life in a competitive environment. This year, the theme is Machine Learning and the contestants have 24 hours to develop their ideas.

Last year, the winning team of our Hackathon was sent to the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona where they also won the Hackathon competition by showing their Smart Irrigation solution. The competition was sponsored by Intel and Microsoft with over 200 participants.

Our internal Hackathon starts today at 5pm (Swedish time) and ends at 5pm on Saturday, in Linkoping. We wish all our colleagues the best!


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