Zenterio team wins the IoT Solutions World Congress Hackathon in Barcelona!

Posted On: 25th October 2016


Zenterio is visiting the IoT Solution World Congress and we are very proud to announce that yesterday our team won the Hackathon competition by showing the Smart Irrigation solution.

Sponsored by Intel and Microsoft, the Hackathon explored the possibilities of IoT in different industrial solutions that will have a social application. The Zenterio team together with an external member developed an affordable watering solution in extreme dry environments based on pot irrigation for underdeveloped countries.

The solution detects the exact water that each plant needs and aims to save up to 70% water compared to traditional watering systems. The project is also focused on helping the economy of the local community by building their own materials.

The team will present the innovation idea at the Intel booth during the days of the IoT Solution World Congress

Pictures of the winning team and the Smart Irrigation Solution






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