Zenterio visits Las Vegas and the NAB Show 2015

Posted On: 21st April 2015

Together with representatives from every sector within the industry, broadcast, digital media, entertainment, telecom, education, advertising, security, IT and many others, Zenterio took a few days to visit sunny Las Vegas to find out more about the latest news and the most recent technological breakthroughs.

Now, aside from what we have seen at other tradeshow over the last couple of months (4K/UHD) the place just wouldn’t be Vegas without focusing even more on the entertainment aspect of the TV experience.

The main points covered during NAB 2015 was the consumer experience of connected media; drone applications, featuring a “flying cage” for demonstrations; the New Media Expo (NMX), hosting celebrity bloggers, podcasters and digital content creators; SPROCKIT, where market-ready startups present their ideas and what was dubbed the Studio Xperience, a live studio using all the latest tools.

Another thing that were frequently discussed, and warrants some extra attention, was the renewed interest around DRM and “anti-piracy” policy making. Even though this is not something that can be considered new, it is something that is once again gaining some momentum as more or less all operators and content distributors are considering going OTT with their offerings.

All in all it was a very both enlightening and entertaining experience and we are excited to see how these things will continue to evolve and interact going forward.


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