Zenterio strengthens its delivery organization through strategic partnerships with Mathembedded, 27m Group, Systemagic and VTilt Digital

Posted On: 27th June 2014

Zenterio has entered into strategic partnerships with a select number of leading software consultancy companies including Mathembedded, 27m Group, Systemagic and VTilt Digital. The partnerships enable Zenterio to further strengthen its delivery organization and to meet the global demand for Zenterio’s advanced OS for TV Client devices such as Set-Top Boxes.

27m Group is located in Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping close to the Zenterio’s main R&D center. 27m Group provides design services for digital media devices.

Systemagic is located in Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping and in Kista close to Stockholm. Systemagic provides design and development services for next generation IP platforms.

Mathembedded is located in Bristol, UK, and is a software company renowned for its embedded Linux expertise and its experience with leading security, conditional access and chipset suppliers. In addition the partnership with Mathembedded strengthens Zenterio’s position on the UK market.

VTilt Digital architects and develops digital video services related to IPTV, Cable and Satellite and is located in Georgia in the United States.

The partnerships enable Zenterio to continue to excel in the delivery of projects and to position Zenterio for continued growth. Zenterio runs a program of global partnerships allowing local and highly reactive support to its global customer base. Partners have the opportunity to work with Zenterio’s advanced SDK and ADK solutions under the support and quality assurance of the Zenterio delivery organization. These partnerships follow Zenterio’s path to becoming a world leading OS for TV client devices.


About Zenterio

Zenterio develops an independent software platform, “Zenterio OS”, for interactive TV that is positioned to become a global standard. Zenterio’s software can be used on any new and existing hardware. With the Zenterio OS, operators can quickly and cost-effectively provide new interactive services and applications.

Zenterio partners with global system integrators, set-top box suppliers, CA/DRM providers, and chip set manufacturers. The company evolved from the former Nokia Home Communication, which Nokia divested in 2002. Its headquarters are in Stockholm, and its R&D center is in Linköping. The company has sales offices in Prague and Milan. Zenterio is an unlisted company and is mainly owned by private investors. The chairman of the board is former Nokia CEO Mr Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

For further information please visit: zenterioab.wpengine.com.


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