Zenterio releases version 15.1 at TV Connect 2015

Posted On: 22nd April 2015

Zenterio releases the latest version of their independent operating system, Zenterio OS 15.1 in conjunction with their participation at TV Connect 2015.

The latest version comes with a number of new integrated functionalities such as support for value added services, HbbTV and a new framework for HTML5 based user interfaces. The value added services offering is aimed at creating new revenue streams for pay TV operators. It comprises support for interactive advertising, apps and content discovery.

“We are obviously very excited about this release as it incorporates a number of new functionalities that we have been working on for a while now, and that we believe will be very well received by the operators. To create incremental revenue through VAS, launch new services even faster and to more directly contribute to our customers’ success will always be to our first priority”, says Marco Frattolin, VP Product Management.

Interactive Advertising

Zenterio OS now creates new advertising real estate and the possibility to have interactive and customized advertising solutions. The opportunity to have targeted interactive advertising incorporated into a native or browser based OS creates more engagement and makes any advertising initiative instantly measurable. The result is a solution that benefits all parties from operators and agencies to marketing professionals and even the end consumer.


A strong value proposition must be based on the insights of customers’ preferences and the capacity to offer apps and services at an attractive price point. Combining a powerful application eco system with Zenterio’s platform will enable pay TV operators to fully leverage their market position, existing infrastructure and access to content in a great way.

Content Discovery

The availability of TV content, both on demand and broadcasted, is rapidly increasing and a key challenge is to find and promote content that is relevant and interesting. Zenterio can now offer its customers and partners a personalized content discovery and recommendation service that hugely increases the attractiveness of their TV offerings.

HTML5 based User Interface Customization

Zenterio OS offers a fully customizable HTML5 based user interface that allows complete control over the look and feel of your digital TV offering. The possibilities are endless and not only does this complement branding and differentiation efforts, the UI is also what the end user interacts with on an everyday basis and what set the tone for the overall experience. Zenterio will help make sure that the experience goes from a good one to a uniquely great one.


HbbTV is fast becoming the de-facto standard in many parts of the world, and in an increasing number of countries regulations mandate support for HbbTV. Zenterio already has vast experience in hybrid deployments and master technologies like DVB and OIPF and in cooperation with ACCESS, we can now leverage our combined experience and create an even more attractive offering to operators.

This release also marks the implementation of a hierarchy of pre-configured products to reduce time to market. These versions are called Zap, Connect and Play and are all based on the independent Zenterio OS, but with varying levels of complexity and functionalities included in their respective profile.


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