Zenterio PUM 2018

Posted On: 21st December 2018

Another successful end to our annual PUM event!

Zenterio has this year been collaborating with Linköping University during the PUM course where approx. 200 students from Computer Science and Industrial Engineering in their final year of studies are combined to create different products. 

The students were divided into 5 companies that worked with the project to come up with a product each that should involve integration of Zenterio Cloud. During the last four months they have been receiving feedback from Urko Serrano and Kiriakos Domanos at Zenterio on how to progress with their products. The final presentation was made on the 13th of December at Zenterio. During this presentation all the employees at Zenterio got the opportunity to vote for the product they liked the most. All the students had done a fantastic job organising the presentations and making the products but there had to be a winner and this year the honour of the victory went to: 

C3 – Flatfish TV
Flatfish TV is a product that integrates Twitch to fetch the most popular games played in live by the streamers. Flatfish is able to display the available games, show their live feeds from Twitch, integrate the chat of current viewers, and promote specific games for a particular game platform such as Steam. The integration of all the platforms is made through Zenterio Cloud.

To read more about all products, see the company product videos and to know more about what PUM is follow this link: PUM 2018



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