Zenterio continues its collaboration with Linköping University

Posted On: 9th February 2016


The collaboration between Zenterio and Linköping University started during the fall semester of 2012 and last year was the second year that this collaboration took the form of an “app development competition”. 120 students from Linköping University attended the course in Software Engineering where part one of their tasks was to run a software development company.

As part of the project, the participants were asked to explore new possibilities of interacting with a low end Set-top box (STB) by inventing, designing and realizing interactive services utilizing the Zenterio OS Lua application development kit (ADK).

The practical application of this is that TV operators need the flexibility to develop and deploy interactive apps at a much faster pace than set-top box software releases. Lua is a lightweight scripting engine, offering access to Zenterio OS API and enabling the operator to deploy interactive applications.

To accomplish the task at hand the students were randomly divided into four groups of 30 that each functioned as a separate company with management positions, sales and R&D. Each group included students from Sweden, Europe as well as international master students.

None of the students had any previous experience of Lua programming at the start of this project, which demonstrates the ease of use for the Lua applications development kit. All companies were able to quickly design, plan, implement and finalize a diverse range of applications.

“Working with Zenterio adds both a sense of discovery and a first taste of what it will be like working on an actual project for a client or a company. The Lua development kit also offers so many possibilities and the students can let their imagination run free when designing their application, something that puts both their coding skills and their creativity to the test. I know that several students will put this project on their resume as their first experience in professional development, and I feel that they have every right to do so based on the applications that they have come up with.” – Kristian Sandahl, Professor in Software Engineering at Linköping University.

As shown by these students, the Zenterio Lua application kit enables quick deployment of interactive services and allows both operators and third party developers to create their own applications that will be able to run smoothly even on low end boxes, giving the end consumer a much improved user experience.

For more information, please contact:

Marco Frattolin, 
VP Product Management

+46 (0) 736 333 405

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About Zenterio

Zenterio provides Zenterio OS, an independent software platform for interactive TV that is positioned to become a global standard. Zenterio also offers consulting services and a value added service offering to pay TV operators. Zenterio partners with global system integrators, set-top box suppliers, CA/DRM providers, chipset manufacturers and providers of interactive services. Zenterio has more than 200 employees comprising 25 nationalities. Zenterio has offices in Stockholm, Linköping and Atlanta. Zenterio is owned by private investors and private equity firm Scope. The chairman of the board is former Nokia CEO Mr. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. For more information please visit zenterio.com.

About Zenterio OS

Zenterio’s operating system works with most types of hardware available on the market. For TV operators, Zenterio’s software enables fast harmonization of operators’ fragmented software bases, as it can be used on new as well as already deployed hardware. With a harmonized solution, operators can quickly and cost-effectively deliver new interactive services to end consumers. Besides unrivalled hardware support, Zenterio’s software offers market-leading performance and a flexible way to add new features. For system integrators, Zenterio OS is a key component in providing new interactive services for TV operators. For the viewers, this means an improved user experience, an increased range of services and greater access to new applications.


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