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Posted On: 15th December 2014

Earlier this week the TV industry gathered at the SVA theatre in New York to discuss the hot topics of television right now. Here we will share with you our take on the hot trends and what they mean for the industry.

TV is everywhere
One thing is clear. TV is going through its biggest revolution since color and digital. And the next step is TV everywhere, meaning that you can access your TV content on tablets and phones from the location of your choice. Companies as Disney, ESPN, NBC, FOX, A+E Networks, Adobe and Nielsen all see substantial increase in viewing patterns on tablets and phones. Second devices are still mainly used in the home, quite few are consuming this on the go or when commuting. But we are moving there quickly. It will not be long before you can continue view your preferred content after you boarded a plane. Or that your kids can continue watch the kids channel in the back of your car going to soccer practice.

TV is the content, not the device
And this brings us to the next big change of the industry. TV is no longer the device – it is the content. It is not about broadcasting or streaming, it is about combining the strength of both. And bring that content to the consumer wherever they are. In the same way as a clothing brand can distribute their products both in designer flagship stores and outlets, depending where the consumer is, distribution of TV content needs to be tailored to different screens, devices and locations.

Another clear trends are big data, measurement and targeting. Taking inspiration from the Internet world, gathering data and provide targeted content and advertising is clearly on the agenda for major operators such as AT&T.

Big data
The operators today sit on a huge amount of data accessible via the set-top box. And operators such as AT&T are now actively looking to find ways to use that data in doing better content recommendations and advertising placements.

Selling advertising space is all about measurement. If you can’t measure the popularity of a channel you will find it very hard to sell advertising spots for that channel. And so far TV viewing on tablets and mobiles has been hard to measure. Adobe and Nielsen just released a partnership to enable measurement of user behavior across all platforms and devices. Another aspect of measurement is controlling the user behavior data in the set top box, which is becoming crucial in this world.

Targeted advertising
The real use case of big data and measurement is targeted advertising. TV advertising is still very much an analogue industry today, albeit one that is changing rapidly. The big broadcasters are gradually moving into data driven programmatic advertising solutions where sell side and buy side of advertising is matched. Being able to offer advertising to a targeted group of people will be an increasingly sought after feature in the future and generate additional advertising revenue.

TV operators need to drive the change
To summarize – the TV industry is going through a major change right now. In this change TV operators are well positioned but they need to upgrade their offerings with TV everywhere and new smart advertising solutions in order to remain in the driving seat.

Peter Rosenberg

Business Strategy & Marketing Director


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