Zenterio articles examine the future of Pay-TV

Posted On: 6th February 2019

The nature of competition in the pay-TV industry is changing. Now more than ever, tier-1 operators risk losing revenue and relevance to new entrants like Google, Apple, and Amazon. New market entrants have emerged in the world of pay TV and profoundly changed the competitive landscape for operators. OTT video consumption is growing, with research firm PWC predicting that global OTT video revenues will exceed $50 billion by 2020. Personalised TV is also gaining traction with viewers, opening up new revenue streams for operators. 

On the 28th of September 2018, Zenterio released the first of three articles that examine the future of Pay-TV and recently we release the third and final article within the series. Combined they have discussed the changing industry, the new competitors and the possibilities for operators to win the fight of viewers.

Our continual investment in relevant products and technologies, culminating is helping operators navigate this new competitive paradigm. With Zenterio TV powered by Zenterio Cloud, you as an operator will have the possibility to compete within the future of Pay-TV and this new market as described within these articles.

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