Zenterio and Mirifice announce their partnership using Mirifice MiriMON® for STB QoE Monitoring

Posted On: 13th September 2012

10th September 2012

Zenterio Further Enhance Their TV Proposition by Offering Mirifice’s MiriMON Real-Time QoE Monitoring Capability In Their Digital TV Operating System

Zenterio and Mirifice announce that they will be partnering to integrate Mirifice’s powerful MiriMON TV QoE Monitoring product within the Zenterio OS.

London, UK, 10th September (Virtual Press Office) Zenterio and Mirifice announce that they will be partnering to integrate Mirifice’s powerful MiriMON® TV QoE Monitoring product within the Zenterio OS.

Mark Longstaff, CEO of Mirifice, said: “Zenterio has industry-leading capability in its operating system, both in terms of performance and functionality. We are delighted that they have chosen to integrate MiriMON within their solution. This will enable Operators using the Zenterio OS to monitor live their customers’ TV Quality of Experience (QoE) end-to-end, and measure content consumption. We are delighted to add Zenterio to our growing list of integrated platforms.”

MiriMON is an agent-based monitoring solution which gives operators a view of service delivery right to the customer’s home. This of course includes the last mile which can contribute to up to 50% of QoE issues.The valuable, real-time insight that MiriMON provides will enable Operators to proactively maintain high standards of customer service, at reduced operating cost. Furthermore, MiriMON’s powerful consumption measurement will empower Operators to actively measure content popularity, gain valuable insight to consumer behaviour, and target their service offerings accordingly.

Kristofer Lindblom, Head of Product Management at Zenterio, said:
“By integrating the MiriMON Agent to the Zenterio OS, we can offer our customers leading QoE and consumption data monitoring. The tiny footprint of Mirifice’s solution makes it a perfect standard component of Zenterio OS that can be activated and utilized on request. The collected consumer data is well suited for fueling other OS components such as recommendation engines and social media integrations.”

Media Contact Mirifice:

Vicky Messer, T: +44 1225 460126 E: vicky.messer@mirifice.com

Media Contact Zenterio:

Kristofer Lindblom, T: +46 708 275885 E: kristofer.lindblom@zenterio.com

About Mirifice
Mirifice helps TV network operators and consumer device manufacturers to provide their customers with a better quality of experience, ensuring greater customer satisfaction and lower costs. Mirifice’s software products include MiriATE and MiriMON. MiriATE, a powerful system for testing set-top boxes and the Digital TV services accessed through them. MiriMON, the award-winning system for real-time monitoring of interactive TV, gives operators a live view of the customer experience they deliver. MiriMON alerts the operator to service delivery problems and provides root-cause analysis to support fault resolution.

For more information please visit http://www.mirifice.com


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