Zenterio and Deutsche Telekom – Walkthrough of the Partnership

Posted On: 14th February 2019

Deutsche Telekom (DT) updated their TV service to Magenta TV powered by Zenterio OS at the end of 2018. The service is available on mobile and OTT devices, as well as on IPTV set-top boxes (STB) where more features are added together with a whole new UI.
Within a couple of weeks from the first roll-out date, all customers across Germany had access to this new software.
This was the culmination of a multi-year collaboration and a series of TV STB product launches done by DT, supported by Zenterio.

The first DT product powered by Zenterio OS was launched in the start of summer 2017, when DT started to modernise the viewing experience in Germany, one of the market’s largest deployments of IPTV STB.
The partnership became a great success for both Zenterio and DT and just a few months later, in the Autumn of 2017, the first 4K IPTV STB was launched. Germany had at that time become the leading 4K TV market in Europe which made the timing of their high-end EntertainTV launch perfect. For the first time ever, DT could offer a 4K service to their customers.

“Our common software platform was the key to the success of this service launch and two other major service launches for Deutsche Telekom Group recently, in Germany and Croatia,” Zenterio’s CEO Jörgen Nilsson concluded.

In 2018 DT’s STB offer was enhanced by the launch of EntertainTV Sat which introduced satellite support seamlessly integrated with the rest of the feature set, thanks to the future-proof software-based architecture of Zenterio OS. This once again showed that innovation is constantly ongoing within both Zenterio and DT.
But to be able to meet the changing environment of the market and in response to Netflix and Amazon continuing to gain more and more subscribers, DT announced in October 2018 that they would transform their IPTV service. EntertainTV should now be available as an OTT product, called MagentaTV. Zenterio provided architectural improvements and integration of the modern WPE browser, enabling better performance and user experience. The new platform offers the end user access to around 300 TV channels with over a 100 of them in HD quality, ultra HD/4K content and interactive functions such as time-shift.

The STB’s are powered by Zenterio OS which supports premium OTT apps (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon), HTML5 OTT apps, advanced live TV and hybrid local/cloud PVR functionality seamlessly mixed with VoD and OTT. It is also powered with a more exceptional bandwidth management, an advance parental control for viewers to have more control and more progressive data collection technology to be able to make the experience more personalised. On top of that the STB provides interactivity with companion devices and resource monitoring and management capabilities for multiroom set-ups. All these features are made available to end users via an intuitive user interface, completely redesigned by DT for the Magenta TV launch. This runs on a last-generation Webkit-based browser optimized for embedded platforms, included in Zenterio OS.

With the help of Zenterio’s software DT have a solid platform for future enhancements and full control of its managed client devices. It also makes it possible for them to meet the growing customer demand for higher quality, richer features television services and the ability to drive new revenue streams. This all to make sure DT is a player to count on in the fight for subscribers.

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