Zenterio aims at the stock market, once again

Posted On: 10th August 2017

In this article from Di, a Swedish business world newspaper, you can read about Zenterio’s partnership with Deutsche Telekom and how our plans for a stock market listing could soon be revived.


Although cable TV is struggling against headwinds, the Linköping based company Zenterio still believes information about TV viewing habits will be a goldmine. The company’s operating system is gaining increased traction thanks to one of Europe’s biggest telecoms companies and its postponed plan for a stock market debut may soon become a reality.

“Deutsche Telekom is an ambitious costumer and it has been a long, and sometimes tough, journey”, the former senior Ericsson executive, now CEO of Zenterio, Jörgen Nilsson explained. Zenterio provides the operating system which is used inside cable TV set-top boxes.

The technical heritage which is Zenterio’s cornerstone comes from Nokia. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the former president of the Finnish telecoms company, told Di how the one billion digital boxes around the globe use widely different technical solutions.

“An operator may have up to ten different TV boxes, each one having a different operating system”, Kallasvuo told Di in 2014, with a vision that Zenterio would create a universal standard.

Despite this ambition, and the interest from Deutsche Telekom, success has not come easy. Last year Zenterio had to shelve its promised stock market listing.

“The board took a decision to postpone the IPO”, said Jörgen Nilsson. The company has now grown its sales considerably, from 72 Mkr in 2014 to 227 Mkr last year. “Our company has strengthened its financial and operational position. This provides the board with the opportunity to review the decision in the near future.”

During the summer of 2017, the collaboration between DT and Zenterio has become more intensive, giving Zenterio access to new hunting grounds. As well as its market at home in Germany and in a dozen other European countries, the operator has significant business in the US under its T-Mobile brand.

This gives Zenterio’s operating system not only greater reach but also revenues. Jörgen Nilsson is, however, attaching greater value to the large amounts of data about viewing habits that Zenterio can access, which will open up new business opportunities such as consulting and analytics services.

“Viewing habits are changing fast”, he says and argues that more screens and increased freedom of choice have increased the competition between TV operators.

“Insights into what customers value and their viewing habits are crucial for investing in the right program content, as is being able to predict the number of viewers that different shows will have”, Jörgen Nilsson adds.

Among Zenterio’s investors is Tomas Franzén, the CEO of Bonnier. Bonnier is the owner of Di.

Written by Gabriel Mellqvist


Read the Swedish article here


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