Ulrika Asplund New Head of R&D

Posted On: 8th March 2019

The Q&A with Ulrika Asplund

Young, innovative and full of energy, she is Ulrika Asplund.
Ulrika joined Zenterio in 2016 and run as team manager for the media team. She brings with her years of experience on other industry branches and is eager to exploit the competence Zenterio has to offer.


Ulrika Asplund

As new Head of R&D, what has your first weeks’ been like?

Everyone at Zenterio has been extremely supporting. But of course, it has been hectic.

One of my first tasks was to boost synergy and efficacy in R&D to promote product development. All teams had the possibility to self-select the expertise team they wanted to belong to. We had a lot of preparation beforehand and amazing engagement during the selection with a fantastic result.

Zenterio is a company with a lot of talent within the house, how will you work to help this talent grow within R&D?

I strongly believe in our team, they have amazing character and are not afraid to dive into new challenges and learn as they go out of curiosity.

I believe in listening to others and letting my team develop the way we work. The Servant leaderphilosophy is a guide for me. This means that my responsibility is to express the goal and vision, by giving the developers the possibility to influence the ways of working.

How do you vision the future for R&D and Zenterio?

Zenterio’s goal is to continue being the technology leaders in the TV business. We have built a strong competence along the years in this business and it is important that we maintain ourselves leaders in the field in the future as well. The continuous objective for us is to acquire new expertise within the raising TV business and offer dominant solutions.

It is a fact that data is raising in the digital world, and digital TV is not an exception. Currently we are focusing extensively into big data and artificial intelligence (AI) areas in order to master the domain. We currently have Business insights products and Zenterio Cloud solutions that we want to advance to help operators to take educated decisions based on data.

Android is another technology domain we adopted and are increasing our offerings. Being versatile is the key to success. Customers want to adapt to the future and we offer them solutions.

Cutting edge technology is our bread-and-butter. New fascinating technology is what drives Zenterio as prime in the TV business.

What’s Ulrika’s motto?

“Let people grow and magic will happen”



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