The Zenterio Family Just Got A Little Bigger

Posted On: 16th July 2014

Here at Zenterio we appreciate our partners. In fact, we appreciate our partner 27M Group so much, we’ve just acquired them.

27M Group is a Swedish supplier of technology for digital TV and streaming services founded in 2002. Prior to the acquisition, the company long partnered with us on development, testing and implementation of software solutions for TV operators.

Such expertise is crucial as we continue to grow our customer base and team up with TV operators around the world (such as Magyar Telekom, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary) to deliver quality IPTV services. The reason? In today’s competitive global market, we must meet an increasing demand from our customers for Zenterio OS with top-notch solutions.

We recognized the significance of 27M Group’s extensive experience in its domain and its role in helping us satisfy this demand; our development organization in Linköping has now doubled and our ability to deliver faster complete solutions is that much stronger.

So here we circle back to the “technology curve” that we keep talking about in our blog and interviews. Sometimes, maintaining your position at the forefront of this curve means capturing the talent that is positioned nearby.

Welcome to the Zenterio family!


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