Students step in as app developers for Zenterio OS

Posted On: 22nd January 2015

During the autumn 2014, around 120 students from the Linköping University took a course in Software Engineering where one of their tasks was to run a software development company.

The students were randomly divided into four groups of 30 that each functioned as a separate company with management positions, sales and R&D. Each group included students from Sweden, Europe as well as international master students.

As part of the project, the participants were asked to explore new possibilities of interacting with a low end Set-top box (STB) by inventing, designing and realizing interactive services utilizing the Zenterio OS Lua application development kit (ADK). This was accomplished by using the scripting language Lua to develop applications that provide value added services to the end users of the STB.

Each student company worked towards the same customer (Zenterio) and they competed with each other to win their first future reference customer.

The companies were given the task to use the Zenterio OS Lua application development kit to develop 2 to 3 value added services to the STB. During the pre-study phase of the project, each company came up with 5 to 10 Lua application ideas, and together with Zenterio, 2 to 3 of the applications were selected for development.

None of the students had any previous experience of Lua programming at the start of this project and they all found Lua scripting on Zenterio OS to be very easy to get started with. All companies were able to quickly design, plan, implement and finalize a diverse range of good applications with it. In total, 11 Lua applications were delivered to Zenterio at the end of this project. You can see some of the screenshots of the impressing results below.

As shown by these students, the Zenterio Lua application kit enables quick deployment of interactive services to very low footprint set-top boxes.

Kristofer Lindblom and Mohamed Abu Baker


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