Q&A with Zenterio: Marco Frattolin, VP of Product Management

Posted On: 22nd February 2018

On Tuesday, we released a press release about our Zenterio OS providing Telekom Romania with a flexible, rock-solid solution that harmonizes the user experience across different set-top boxes (read PR here). We sat down with our VP of Product Management, Marco Frattolin, to get a better understanding of the project delivery and what it will mean for the end customer. 

To summary: What has Zenterio delivered to Telekom Romania?
Back in 2014, Telekom Romania deployed a new IPTV service based on Zenterio OS and a complete new end-to-end system. The new TV service was the highlight of a major company rebranding, from the previous “RomTelecom” to the new “Telekom Romania” name aligned with the Deutsche Telekom group. Then, after a couple of years, it was time to introduce a new STB hardware vendor and model, of course without impacting the service and the user experience. Zenterio enabled Telekom Romania to do just that: our team quickly and efficiently ported Zenterio OS to the new STB model, enabling Telekom Romania to reuse all the integrations and the end-to-end system already deployed, seamlessly offering new boxes to their end users.

From a customer perspective: What is the biggest success of the project?
Introducing a new STB in an already existing IPTV system usually brings high direct costs for integration and validation performed by the technical teams, plus additional indirect costs for operations and customer support teams due to the new/updated user experience. This was not the case for Telekom Romania as Zenterio OS enabled them to completely harmonize the new STB with the previous boxes, reusing the integrations, offering the same features and the same user experience, resulting in an efficient solution and significant cost savings.

From Zenterio’s perspective, we have validated the power and effectiveness of our approach, i.e. keeping the client software platform independent from the hardware and the backend and using it to realize cost savings and accelerate innovation.

Have we met any challenges in the project?
I have to say that this has been a pretty straightforward project for our team: hardware independence is at the center of our product and technology strategy, and porting Zenterio OS to different chipsets and STB models, maintaining the same features and user experience, is really at the core of our expertise.

What are you most pleased with in this project?
From a product perspective, it is great to witness a customer reaping the benefits of a sound strategy based on independent client software.


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