Q&A with Zenterio: Kristian Toivo, COO

Posted On: 10th September 2018

Q&A – Hybrid box to Deutsche Telekom – Kristian Toivo, COO 

Last week we released a new press release together with Deutsche Telekom about the launch of their feature-rich 4K IPTV, OTT and Satellite STB powered by our Zenterio OS. To let you get a better understanding about the project we had a Q&A together with our own COO, Kristian Toivo. 

What have we delivered to Deutsche Telekom (DT) in Germany?
With the delivery of the latest hybrid box, Zenterio completed the main deliveries of its Zenterio OS Middleware to DT’s Next-Generation TV (NGTV) program – marketed in Germany under the Entertain TV brand.

The NGTV program targets DT’s different customer segments in Germany and has included the market launch of an entry-level IPTV STB released in Q2 2017, a high end 4K IPTV STB released in Q4 2017 and, most recently, a hybrid IPTV/Satellite STB unveiled in Q2 2018. The NGTV platform is now fully operational with continued healthy growth seen in the number of customers joining the Entertain TV service. Zenterio continues to support the NGTV program with new software updates that enhance functionality, improve the customer experience, and maintain the performance of the solution.

What has enabled such fast delivery?
Zenterio has worked with DT Germany over several years to define the overall scope of the deliverables needed to support the business objectives of the NGTV program. At the same time Zenterio allocated its leading experts in solution architecture and software development to define the scope and structure of the software to be created. Based on this, Zenterio’s R&D organisation developed software with a reusable base from which specific launch variants could be derived, whilst at the same time allowing functionality to be continuously added ready for the next product. A professional program management team from Zenterio, cooperating closely with other parties and DT experts involved in the overall NGTV program, guaranteed a tight focus on each delivery so as to fully meet its requirements – both on time and with the required quality.

Though delivery was fast, we managed to maintain a really high quality in our product. How was that possible so quickly after initiation?
To achieve the fast delivery we implemented a state-of-the-art software development process, based on Agile techniques, with a high degree of automation and taking advantage of industry-specific tools supporting the verification and testing of embedded STB software. This approach ensures the integrity and high quality of the software delivered. In addition there has been a huge focus on joint testing between all the parties who deliver into the NGTV program. We have had experts from Zenterio on-site in Germany throughout the delivery phase of each product in the launch plan. Another key enabler for securing consistent quality across all products launched in NGTV is the principle of common software. This enables a proactive approach to maintenance with the ability to apply unified software updates across all products if needed. Backing up the projects is a dedicated support organization which is available 24/7 to cooperate with all the parties involved in the development.

Why does the market desire this product right now?
The NGTV program enables DT Germany to provide specific product variants targeting different segments of its market but in all cases delivering the latest hardware and software capabilities. The hybrid boxes are each based on DT’s latest fourth generation (G4) architecture which supports 4K UHD content and enables aggregation of content from online video services such as Netflix and YouTube. All services are presented to the subscriber via a market-leading user interface based on the Entertain TV brand.

As we have recently announced, the hybrid box family now includes a satellite receiver that in addition to all the previous 4K IPTV STB features increases the number of accessible channels to over 300, so providing the maximum content with the highest performance and the best user experience.


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