Pelle Rosell has been appointed as Head of Marketing and Brand for Zenterio

Posted On: 27th September 2014

Pelle Rosell joined Zenterio August 1st. He has been appointed as Head of Marketing and Brand for Zenterio and is a part of Zenterio’s management team. Previously, Pelle worked for QlikTech, rated as one of the most successful technology companies, where he held the position of VP Brand since early 2001.

Zenterio is very pleased to welcome Pelle. He will strengthen Zenterio with his broad and international experience in the marketing area and will contribute greatly to Zenterio’s ongoing international expansion through his extensive experience in marketing, business development, brand management, and competence to establish a strong corporate culture.

Among other things, Pelle was one of the leading forces behind the software company QlikTech’s massive success. Pelle was a part of QlikTech’s fruitful journey already from 2001 when the company had a modest turnover of SEK 2 million, to 2013 when the company was worth more than three billion dollars on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Pelle looks forward to being involved in Zenterio’s international expansion and being a part of developing what he believes to be one of the world’s hottest brands on the TV market.


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