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Posted On: 8th December 2014

Hi there,

This is the new Zenterio tech blog. Here we will focus on technology issues and challenges that we face in our daily life. The industry we compete in, digital TV and interactive services, is very challenging both from a business and a technology perspective. New players appear on the market all the time, new business models and value chains are created and new technologies are developed with a very high tempo. On this market there exists a variety of different standards and proprietary solutions. And often the proprietary solutions develop quicker than the standards themselves. In addition you have different infrastructure and regulation in many places of the world.

We truly believe that technological leadership is a crucial cornerstone in order to be successful in this environment.

Zenterio’s mission is to help the Digital TV operators to create and sustain a successful business. We are a software company at heart and we accomplish that goal by building and delivering our software products. Facing technology challenges and solving software engineering issues are the air we breath every day: porting our software on all kinds of different hardware, old and new; supporting new protocols and systems, both standard and proprietary; allowing application flexibility but still maintaining high security; optimizing embedded components without sacrificing features; these are just some examples of the topics we would like to address here.

We have an impressive engineering team, most have been involved in the digital TV industry since the early days, so we want to share the details of our experience and our perspective on TV technology and its future with you.

Thank you for your time and participation!

Mats Lindoff, CTO


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