Meet Zenterio at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas

Posted On: 13th April 2017

North America is the largest pay TV region on the world in terms of both subscribers and revenue. Despite this, pay TV operators are facing unprecedented challenges from alternative video platforms. However the same forces that are creating these new options are also providing growth opportunities for pay TV operators. Operators are using IP technologies to make their content available across all devices, to add VOD to their TV offering and even to launch their own multichannel live streaming services.

The same connectivity allows data from devices to be combined with other viewer information to enable personalization of the user experience – a key factor in winning and keeping subscribers. Similarly, viewing data allows operators for the first time to measure audience sizes accurately. This provides key insights for advertisers and can be used as a source of revenue in its own right.

Zenterio has products and services that help operators to exploit these opportunities. Zenterio provides set-top box middleware, an audience measurement platform, and user experience design and monetization technologies, and has an unmatched experience in integration and deployment of new services. Zenterio’s portfolio includes:

  • A complete STB middleware that combines broadcast television with on-demand content and OTT subscription services.
  • Migration services that enable already-deployed set-top boxes to be upgraded to the latest software, avoiding hardware costs and truck rolls.
  • An advanced multiscreen TV client, designed to encourage subscribers to consume content wherever they are and on any device.
  • An audience measurement toolkit that makes viewer data from all connected devices available in an understandable, actionable and monetizable form.
  • An interactive advertising platform that personalizes the user experience by targeting services and advertising at the most receptive subscriber segments via the user interface.

NAB Show takes place from April 22 to April 27, 2017 in Las Vegas. We will be available at the show to discuss how we can help you to optimize and monetize your services, and roll out new ones in the most cost-effective way. To book a meeting, please visit the official NAB Show page on our website.


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