CEO Announcement: Kristian Toivo appointed as the new CEO at Zenterio AB

Posted On: 10th April 2019

Zenterio today announce that Jorgen Nilsson, CEO at Zenterio AB, has decided to step down after 4 years. Kristian Toivo, currently COO, has been appointed as the new CEO, with immediate effect.

LINKÖPING — April. 10, 2019

Zenterio’s Chairman of the board, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo: “- We are proud to present Kristian Toivo as the new CEO of Zenterio. He is a strong and competent leader in his current position, as COO at Zenterio. He has shown that he has deep understanding of our everchanging industry, our business and has created operational excellence in our innovation driven business. I am convinced that Kristian will further develop what Jörgen Nilsson has built up. Jörgen Nilsson has been the Zenterio CEO for over 4 years. He has been an exceptional business leader who has transformed Zenterio to an efficient product company.  On behalf of the board I want to extend our sincere thanks to him. Jorgen will take on new assignments but will also remain as an important part of the Zenterio family. “

Kristian Toivo: “- I am honoured to take over as CEO and to take the lead of such a strong, competent and innovative company. I look forward to working with our customers and entire organisation to take the next step in the company’s transformation, development and success.

Jörgen Nilsson: “- I congratulate Kristian on his appointment. Having worked closely with Kristian for many years, I am highly confident that he will demonstrate a strong succession for the company. I believe in Zenterio, and the brightest and most innovative days are still to come. I have met some of the brightest people of my life at Zenterio, and I thank you all for the years of being able to work alongside you. I look forward to watching the success on a distance.”

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Zenterio enables TV Operators to securely and efficiently manage and deliver entertainment to the home while increasing business insight and value. Zenterio’s portfolio of products and solutions includes a complete TV and OTT entertainment experience client. In addition, Zenterio provides cloud-based solutions for content aggregation, data and analytics, home automation integrations and advanced advertising capabilities with a focus on reducing cost and increasing ARPU.  Zenterio also provides professional and consulting services, with global partners, to provide future-proofed lifecycle management for Linux and Android platforms.

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