Forget Y2K, 2014 Is The Year Of 4K

Posted On: 15th July 2014

One of our core missions is supporting key technologies that enable pay TV operators to retain
their customer base and grow their average revenue per user (ARPU). Being at the forefront of the technology curve means having smart products that offer advantages to both the end user and the operator alike.

But it’s one thing to say it and another thing to do it. This is why we’re excited to demo the high-end 4K/UHD, H265/HEVC HW running Zenterio OS at IBC in Amsterdam September 12-16. What makes this so special? We like to think of 2014 as Y4K, if you will.

4K will put the operator in the drivers seat moving forward. It will strengthen the TV operator’s position as the main distributor of TV services in the home. To put it simply, 4K is the latest generation of TV technologies. Futuresource Consulting has predicted that 4K will represent 5% of the global TV market this year and jump to 42% in 2018. For consumers, 4K offers access to a sharper picture with better contrast and clearer colors.

For operators and broadcasters, the benefits of this technology are on the encoding side: H265/
HEVC generates huge savings on bandwidth while retaining quality that is superior to H264.

Our Zenterio OS has created opportunities for TV operators to offer services not previously believed to work on a particular hardware, and running on 4K/UHD H265/HEVC will free up much needed network bandwidth for a more rapid roll out of HD channels and an increased possibility of extending the channel bouquet.

Lastly, another exciting aspect of our demo at IBC is that this particular chipset, Broadcom BCM7252, is based on an ARM core. This makes it one of the first mass market entries from a renowned STB chipset vendor with architecture that has been dominant in the handset industry. For the operator, this trend will lead to an increase in both computing power and graphical capabilities and will, in turn, result in more attractive services for the end consumer to enjoy.

Be sure to stop in and visit us at IBC, hall 4, booth 56, to meet our team, see the demo and see for yourself.


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