Deutsche Telekom Pushes A One Operating System Agenda

Posted On: 16th June 2014

In a recent survey by Zenterio and Digital TV Europe, eight out of 10 TV operators said they would prefer one operating system.

So from theory to practice, one operator, Deutsche Telekom through their subsidiary, Maygar Telekom in Hungary is putting that to the test and recently switched to Zenterio’s Operating System (OS) for two new set-top-boxes.

This deployment allows Magyar Telekom to develop services for its TV subscribers in Hungary and harmonize its STB software client environment. The independent operating system provides the opportunity to extend deployment and standardize TV offerings across regions.

Why? Because TV-operators today experience strongly increased competition over the consumers’ digital media consumption. To meet new consumer demand for improved interactivity and customer experience, TV operators need to continuously increase the value of their current programming offerings in combination with offering new kinds of TV-services.

As opposed to the PC and mobile phone markets, which are dominated by a small number of operating systems, the TV market currently has about 100 different operating systems. The development of a market for TV applications and interactive services requires a standardization of the fragmented operating system environment.

Numerous operating systems make it both expensive and complex for operators to offer new services to customers. This proves Zenterio’s market position that there is a demand for independent software solutions compatible with all interactive TVs and set-top-boxes.

Zenterio’s STB platform at Magyar Telekom is available in both PVR and non-PVR versions, features DVB-S, IP, OTT and multi-room capabilities running in a Conax advanced security environment. The products share media between themselves and other DNLA-enabled devices. The advanced IPTV backend solution is delivered by a world leading supplier and is running on STB hardware by KAONMEDIA.


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