Convergence, Advertising and the new Multiscreen reality

Posted On: 4th May 2015

The convergence of Internet TV and broadcast TV could be seen everywhere at this years TV Connect event held between 28-30th of April at Excel in London.

And for good reason, 2015 will be the year when SVOD subscribes pass 100m globally according to recent research released by Ovum. Established SVOD providers, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, will face an increase in competition from HBO Now, DISH’s Sling TV and CBS All Access, services that all offer what was once exclusive Pay-TV content, delivered as OTT. And pay TV operators are not late to follow – by mixing live TV content with OTT content within their TV offerings.

Multiscreen is really becoming mainstream and household and was clearly one of the major topics of the week. Consumers are getting used to accessing their content on several devices – with the same user experience – and expect to freely switch between devices without loosing out on any of the content.

For the user experience, personalization is emerging as the next step in providing an improved, tailored, experience for the viewers. Taking that yet another step further by connecting personalization to a content discovery engine and you can even provide personalized content and recommendations for viewers.

Another topic that comes up even more frequently when making the rounds is interactive advertising. The interactivity provided is now clearly opening up opportunities for TV operators to generate incremental revenues on top of their TV offerings. And the basis for this evolution is that the program guide can easily facilitate new ’real estate’ for advertisers. Everything from banner advertising on top of the EPG, embedded campaign sites and sponsored movies to pause screen commercials can now seamlessly be integrated as part of the experience. There are truly endless possibilities. So topping up your TV offering with interactive advertising – on low-end boxes as well as more advanced – is rapidly becoming low hanging fruits for TV operators wanting to generate incremental revenue.

On the delivery side of content we also saw some interesting initiatives, namely LTE broadcasting over mobile networks and continued rollout of 4K content. These advances translate into better content quality and even greater possibilities to reach the consumer with the content of choice, wherever he or she might be.

Our time at TV Connect this year was both interesting and a lot of fun. Getting the opportunity to take in the latest developments, meet with customers and vendor as well as showcase our upgraded solution will always be a very welcome and enjoyable part of the business. It is of course also very encouraging to see that the developments we have been working on, and that has now been implemented, is very much in line with what the market is asking for, so we are excited to see what the future might hold. To follow up on this and to build on both our latest research and what we’ve taken away from TV Connect we will be hosting a webinar on one of the hot topics of the week, interactive advertising, on May 14th, where we in greater detail will go through both the possibilities that we see, and how these could impact the TV operators in a very positive way.

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Peter Rosenberg, Director Product Marketing


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