A New Partnership with Viaccess-Orca

Posted On: 11th August 2014

We like partners and today we are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Viaccess-Orca (VO) that will enable operators to launch rapidly new interactive TV services on a variety of set-top boxes without having to replace legacy hardware.

Under the terms of the partnership, VO will offer Zenterio’s software solution as part of its end-to-end solutions to TV operators worldwide. The deal supports VO’s go-to-market strategy in deploying or upgrading interactive TV services.

Robin Rutili, Zenterio’s CEO said the company looks forward to collaborating closely with VO.

“The partnership will enable TV operators to run Viaccess-Orca’s security and engagement solutions on both new and legacy set-top boxes, something that we see an increasing demand for in the market.”

Through the partnership, Zenterio’s independent operating system Zenterio OS could be used as VO’s set-top-box software and support a variety of VO solutions, including Prime Sentinel (card-based CA ); Dynamic Sentinel (cardless-based CA), and Connected Sentinel (DRM) for security; and RiGHTv service delivery platform for engagement.

IPTV and DTH projects are already underway for Zenterio and VO, and will be delivered during the second half of 2014. These projects allow the companies to address other customers’ needs with ready-to-deploy, proven solutions.

“Partnering with Zenterio, we are able to provide our customers with the ultimate interactive and secure TV experience with a short time to market,” said François Moreau de Saint Martin, CEO, Viaccess-Orca. “Operators can now fully take advantage of all that VO’s engagement and security solutions have to offer by simply adding Zenterio’s OS to their new and existing STBs.”


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