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We are so happy to have met you at MTD 2018 and want nothing else but to keep in contact with you. In the box to the right you will find our current open positions and thesis projects. if you find any of interest let us know! We can also offer you a summer internship, just send us an email and we will tell you more about it.

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What is Zenterio?
Zenterio is one of the largest software developers for the TV industry. Our goal is simple, to reimagine TV, to develop the best independent operating system for interactive TV, to help operators launch new services and to create new revenue opportunities.

To make this possible, we have assembled the best and brightest from over 20 countries across the globe. We consider our employees our most important resource and we work hard to make sure that they know it. Zenterio is not just a career, we are a family.

Work with us

We have tried gathering all of the different open positions and thesis projects for you in this list.
If you wouldn't find any thesis project that feels just right but still want to join our team, just send an email to our HR departement ! We are always open to new ideas and thoughts on projects.

Don't forget to visit our Career Page to learn more about us, what we do and what it's like working with us.

Open Positions
- Software Developer
- Software Developer and Security Expert
- Browser Tech Lead
- DevOps Engineer

Thesis Projects
- Secure Media Management for Over-The-Top Content
- Web Browser Optimisations in Embedded Systems
- Natural Language Processing Applied to Media Content Consumption
- User Analytics and Business Intelligence

Thesis Projects
We would love for you to do your summer internship at Zenterio, send us an email and we can come up with one together.

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