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AdScribe Audience
With content consumption fragmenting across multiple consumer devices, it is essential that you accurately measure and analyse this viewing. AdScribe Audience collects full census data from multiple devices, helping you to better understand your customer, drive business innovations and monetize.

AdScribe Engage
As viewers spend more time searching for content, take the opportunity to capture their attention with highly targeted messaging delivered directly to the UI. Promote content and services or brand advertising with engaging, interactive ad units. AdScribe Engage manages the end to end process from ad creation and targeting through detailed reporting and analytics.

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About AdScribe

AdScribe is a part of Zenterio and is a technology and services business based in London but operating worldwide. AdScribe works with distributors or owners of video content to help them measure, manage and monetize full census return path data from multiple devices.

The AdScribe team have worked across most major territories in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East and Australasia and have completed engagements with operators including AT&T Inc., Verizon Inc., Dish Network, Deutsche Telekom AG, Portugal Telecom, Swisscom, British Telecom, Vodafone, NTT, Foxtel/Austar, Sky New Zealand, Reliance and others. In addition, the team have worked with major agencies on the buy-side including Group M (WPP), Publicis, Aegis and Dentsu as well as large content owners, programmers and publishers across multiple territories internationally.

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"RiksTV Chooses AdScribe Audience for Multiscreen Service"

AdScribe is a technology and services business based in London and Dublin and operating worldwide.

"AdScribe Helps Deliver Next-Generation HbbTV Interactive Advertising in Switzerland"

AdScribe is a technology and services business based in London and Dublin and operating worldwide.

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