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HbbTV Symposium 2018

14th – 15th November – Berlin – ESMT

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Zenterio TV ❤ AdScribe

Our subsidiary company AdScribe will exhibit at the HbbTV Symposium in Berlin to demonstrate Engage, their interactive advertising platform. We are honored to join them there to showcase Engage within our independent premium content TV client, Zenterio TV.

Last but not least, we are very proud that Engage customer Admeira has been nominated for “Best use of HbbTV for advertising and promotion” at the show.

In a television market which is evolving rapidly it is important to stay competitive and address changes in video consumption with agile solutions. Powered by Zenterio Cloud, Zenterio TV helps operators boost viewer satisfaction by distributing relevant content, increase profitability, secure their role in the pay-TV future, and begin supporting home automation offerings.

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HbbTV Symposium

AdScribe - Business Insights and Advertisement

AdScribe Engage is an end-to-end advertising platform that gives TV operators and broadcasters the tools to create and operate an interactive advertising & content promotion business. A core part of the platform is the best-in-class application authoring tool that works across most TV platforms, including full HbbTV compliance. Unlike most template-based approaches, our drag-and-drop, browser-based authoring environment gives complete creative freedom while guaranteeing compliance with the target platform standards. This creative freedom is a key requirement for brands and agencies when deploying interactive campaigns. It also ensures that campaigns and apps can be developed, tested and brought to market in the short timeframes common in the advertising industry.

AdScribe Audience is an end-to-end cloud-based Software-as-a-Service tool for TV audience measurement and analysis. Audience collects and processes TV viewing events to make the data available for detailed analysis through an intuitive UI. To meet industry and international regulations the data collection process is fully secure, anonymised, and contains no personally identifiable information.

AdScribe, a subsidiary of Zenterio based in London and Dublin will be showcasing their app creation, advertising and analytics products at the 2018 HbbTV Symposium in Berlin.

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AdScribe Helps Deliver Next-Generation HbbTV Interactive Advertising in Switzerland

AdScribe Engage Interactive Advertising Platform Enables Campaigns to Be Launched Rapidly for Increased Revenue Growth

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