Zenterio TV Shopping Experience

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The Content Store

A shopping experience for the living room
The Content Store is an in TV shopping experience for your customers.
In the Content Store you can promote not only Channel Packages but also VOD and OTT services and subscriptions. This will not only make it easier for your customers to find the content they are looking for within your TV service but also creating an opportunity for you to create an additional upsell right in the living room.

Shorter distance to purchase
This is much more convenient than letting your customers sign up for services via internet or calling your sales team.

The Content Store is a part of Zenterio TV. Read more here: Zenterio TV

Zenterio TV Studio

Design Your One-Click-Buy Interactive Offerings
With Zenterio TV Studio you are able to freely create any look and feel for the service/content offering you want to promote and sell.

Interactive WYSIWYG-editor
Studio lets you place images, buy/subscribe-button, lists and more to create a unique visual presentation for each offering.
Once the offering is created, it can be easily accessed with banners or swim lane items from anywhere within the Zenterio TV UX.

Pre-defined templates
For your convenience there are several pre-defined templates for you to copy and modify to create new offerings so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

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