Zenterio OS together with Stream Group chosen as preferred middleware for M7 Group’s IPTV and OTT platforms

Today M7 Group SA provides more than 3 million viewers with hundreds of radio and television channels in digital and HD quality. Since 2011 M7 Group SA also provides Internet and VOIP services to their customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. As part of the M7 Group, Stream Group provided the end-to-end solution to M7 Group for their Online.nl IPTV and OTT platforms.

The Challenge

“Our main challenge was to launch the IPTV solution for M7 Group’s Online.nl platform within a very limited time frame and to do this in a way that would allow not only support for the initial chosen STB and chipsets but also ensure broad support for different chipsets for future projects. Our solution is built for different hybrid projects like DVB-T/S/C, OTT and IPTV. That means that we are dealing with a variety of hard- ware and legacy devices from a number of different set-top box vendors. Thanks to the Zenterio middleware we can now integrate our services with any hardware solution”

Leon Thoolen, CTO and co-founder Stream Group and EVP at M7 Group

The Solution

“Stream Group has over 10 years’ experience in providing solutions for OTT, IPTV and Hybrid DVB projects. In these 10 years we have build up partnerships with a lot of companies. We always want to work with partners who are on top of new developments and have proven to be reliable. Zenterio is that partner for us. And in the end we always want to work with the most innovative companies, so that’s why we chose Zenterio”, says Leon Thoolen.

“The solution was to rely on multiple vendors to get the best possible components for each part of the project. Therefore, seamless integration with 3rd parties is very important to us. We work with different partners for CA/DRM, hardware, transcoding and encoding. Fortunately for us Zenterio has also worked with a lot of these companies before and have a good relationship with them. Together with the strong and well-documented API’s, especially the JS API, we were therefore able to achieve a fast and agile development process for this project”,

continues, Leon Thoolen, CTO and co-founder Stream Group and EVP at M7 Group.

The Benefits

“In the end we managed to have the solution up and running with only 3 months of development time including the integration between our platform and Zenterio’s middleware solution. Because we use Zenterio OS we can now integrate with all the different hardware and we can utilize all the legacy devices. This gives us the freedom to choose between any number of vendors the next time we want to place an order”, says Leon Thoolen

M7 Group, using the Online.nl brand, launched their triple play offering in May 2014. Since then M7 Group have grown their customer base and increased both ARPU and customer satisfaction. The inte- grated TV solution deployed for Online.nl is being perceived as providing very good value for money to their customers.

“From a collaborative and project management point of view, we received good, timely and direct communication. In the development process there are always a lot of challenges. Together you want to solve these challenges. Zenterio supported us well by providing good documentation for their products (like the different APIs) and by giving us great support.

All of this also means that we now have a solution which we can easily implement in other markets. Having done this integration together with Zenterio for the Online. nl project we will now enable us to launch new projects even faster. Not only did we learn from these challenges, but we will also benefit further from the strong relationship and the partnership we’ve built with Zenterio. Together, we are definitely able to overcome any new technical challenges even faster”, says Leon Thoolen

“Because we have deployed a variety of projects we clearly benefited from working with a single middleware supplier. Despite of the various 3rd party suppliers we can always rely on the fact that we can integrate these with the Zenterio middleware”

Leon Thoolen, CTO and co-founder Stream Group and EVP at M7 Group

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