Deutsche Telekom chooses Zenterio for Telekom Romania’s IPTV project

Telekom Romania Communications (formerly Romtelecom) is one of the leading Romanian providers for fixed communications solutions and TV entertainment. With over 80 years expertise in the Romanian telecommunications market, Telekom Romania offers fixed telephony, broadband, TV over satellite, IPTV and cable as well as complex business ICT solutions.

Telekom Romania partnered with Zenterio in order to launch not only a state of the art IPTV solution, but also a new user interface, a new look and feel for their services and a distinct visual identity in line with the branding guidelines of Deutsche Telekom Group.

The Challenge: Integrate legacy technology in a very limited time frame

Former COSMOTE and Romtelecom operators were going through a rebranding into Telekom. Legacy technology from the two separate companies needed to be integrated into a new interactive platform that can handle both OTT and IPTV services and be flexible and open for adding additional services and functionality on top.

The second part of the challenge was to deliver this within very a limited time frame, under 6 months.

“We came from a situation where there had been no substantial innovation for the IPTV service for the past two years and no possibility of integrating the OTT service into a single platform. We needed a much more flexible platform that could enable us quickly to upgrade our offering”

Ciprian State, Manager for TV Product Development, Telekom Romania operations.

The Solution: A dynamic infrastructure

Telekom Romania needed to find a provider that truly understood their need and the scope of the assignment. A company that had pre-existing partnerships which would help facilitate the process, ensure that the tight deadline could be met, and had the capability to integrate a large number of functionalities in one solution whilst still having it run on legacy devices.

“Zenterio understood that we were dealing with a very tight project deadline and in addition a very complex legacy infrastructure. They showed us that they had a solution with a quick time to market and something that would be ready when we needed it, whilst still making it possible to add functionality after the launch. In addition to that they had already existing partnerships with other vendors involved and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that this presents – in total there were 16 vendors from 9 different countries involved – and we still managed to make this fastest launch I’ve ever heard of, let alone been a part of, whether its an IPTV solution, an OTT solution or a combination of both”, says, Thomas Stanecker, Head of Deutsche Telekom’s European TV Technology Service Center.

“Both technical and commercial aspects were important when the decision was made. Telekom Romania was looking for a long term partner with a recognized experience and innovative roadmap. Zenterio scored the highest, both technically and commercially and already had a proven track record with other subsidiaries within the Deutsche Telekom Group”

Ciprian State, Manager for TV Product Development, Telekom Romania operations

The Benefits: Intuitive, secure and reliable

The whole project from initiation until the official launch on Sept 12th 2014 was completed in just 5 months and everything was delivered on time, which is almost unheard of in a project as complex as this. The new set-top-boxes are very appreciated, the half-pipe UI is perceived as easy and intuitive and the systems remains stable, secure and reliable after months of use and after adding additional functionality.

“With this project Telekom Romania can now – as the first TV operator in Romania – offer a fully integrated multiscreen service that combines IPTV and OTT content. It includes set-top boxes from Kaon, set-top box software and user interface from Zenterio, DRM support from Verimatrix, multi screen platform from Viaccess-Orca and an OTT user interface from Accedo. All rolled out in just 5 months, which I believe is a world record in the industry”, says, Ciprian State, Manager for TV Product Development, Telekom Romania

”We, at Telekom Romania, are more than happy with the results, particularly the fluid and intuitive UI and the responsiveness we get from the STB when running the Zenterio OS. Working with Zenterio has also been a truly collaborative effort; we’ve seen very professional project management as well as rigorous development and testing from their part and we really look forward to seeing how we can continue to build on this platform in the future”

Ciprian State, Manager for TV Product Development, Telekom Romania operations

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