RiksTV partnered with Zenterio to provide interactive services

Norway’s second largest pay-TV distributor, RiksTV, partnered with Zenterio to provide interactive TV services with their own look, through a customized user interface.

Challenge: Meet new demands cost-efficiently

In 2010, RiksTV wanted to launch new, engaging services to meet their customers growing demand. The problem was that they spent too much time and money on developing and launching. They needed a solution that reduced their time to market and that worked for both new and existing boxes. Plus they didn’t want to be locked in with a single supplier.

Even if the living room remains the main viewing source, operators need to meet customer demands and provide other sources and services. And this needs to be done rapidly and cost efficiently.

Christopher Knudsen, CTO, RiksTV

Solution: An independent system

RiksTV sought an open environment where they could invite application developers to complement their offer. Zenterio OS’s application development kit supported just that. With one independent operating system, RiksTV can launch services quicker and engage more openly with hardware suppliers.

“Zenterio was a perfect fit and now we have an open dialogue between parties.”

Christopher Knudsen, CTO, RiksTV.

Benefits: Unique, quicker, more cost-efficient solutions

Today RiksTV can introduce services much faster than before. For example, when a Norwegian content provider approached RiksTV with a new service, it took only a month from initial discussions to launch. In addition, the Zenterio solution gives RiksTV the ability to control their own user interface and brand their channels and services.

“Zenterio allows us to move and adapt much more quickly. And since Zenterio is a proactive and innovative organization, we are now in a better position to become more forward-thinking.”

Christopher Knudsen, CTO, RiksTV.

Norway’s second largest paid-tv distributor

RiksTV is Norway’s second largest paid-TV distributor and the only commercial TV distributor that provides digital TV through an antenna. Their network reaches 98% of Norwegian households and 90% of country houses.

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