Zenterio will visit ANGA COM 2019

Cologne, Germany.

Zenterio achieved a major milestone together with Deutsche Telekom delivering the most sophisticated TV solution ever launched. The excellent teamwork between DT, Zenterio and 3rd parties has been a fantastic achievement delivering high quality software rich in features, including integration of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube into DTs TV platform.

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Deutsche Telekom Success Story

Zenterio and Deutsche Telekom's (DT) partnership started in the beginning of summer 2017 when DT had recognised the need for a common software and decoupling of software and hardware to increase revenue. Since then Zenterio OS has been part of three product launches and the project to increase DT's relevance within a more competitive market finished with the release of MagentaTV which is powered by Zenterio OS. With the help of Zenterio's software, DT is a player to count on in the fight for subscribers.

Read more about the partnership throughout the years in our recent published blog post here:
Zenterio and Deutsche Telekom - A walkthrough of the partnership

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