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Zenterio provide the operator with the possibility to choose, and to customize, their entire consumer experience from the look, feel and branding of the service, to the apps, ads and content they provide.

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Zenterio Data Capture & Analytics

With Zenterio’s independent solution, operators can offer the interactive TV services that consumers demand – and a flexible software platform on which operators and third parties, through Zenterio’s open API layer, can develop the next generation of services.


Zenterio provides a standalone operating system for interactive TV, that is fully compatible with all hardware, interactive service and middleware or security systems. Zenterio frees TV operators to work with whoever they want, giving them the freedom to develop a best-of-breed solution and innovate without barriers.


Zenterio provides a standardised operating system for interactive TV, enabling TV operators to deliver a consistent and harmonised user experience across all channels, devices and markets. With Zenterio, TV operators can unify the delivery of pay TV and OTT, and cut the cost and complexity of managing multiple operating systems.


Zenterio adds value for TV operators by helping them to extract, understand and monetise insights from viewer data to optimise service quality and programming, and make advertising more relevant. Zenterio enables TV operators to tap new revenue streams and make more informed decisions, without having to share valuable customer information or revenues.

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