Our Company

Our mission – to empower TV operators

Zenterio is one of the largest software developers for the set-top box market. We understand the challenges of TV operators and we provide a solution that strengthens their position and enables them to develop and launch new, advanced interactive services to end users today and tomorrow. To be able to do this, our goal is simple: to develop the best independent operating system for interactive TV.

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A global family

To make this possible, we have assembled the best and brightest staff from over 20 countries around the globe. We consider our employees to be the most important resource we have and we work hard to ensure the happiness of the Zenterio family. Zenterio is a privately owned company, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, main development center in Linköping, Sweden and additional sales and research in Prag, Czech Republic and Milan, Italy.

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15 years of development

Zenterio originates from the former Home Communication division of Nokia, which was founded in 1996 and divested in 2002. Zenterio was founded by the previous General Manager Kent Lundberg and the best part of his Nokia Home Communication team. The former Nokia CTO Heikki Koskinen was the first Chairman of Zenterio’s Board of Directors.

The original dream team has grown significantly, but is still virtually intact and among the world’s most experienced software developers in interactive digital TV. Between 2002 and 2010, the experienced development team, now as owners of Zenterio, built and tested an operating system robust enough to target the most demanding operators on a global scale. 15 years of development have been invested in what is now the collected experience of our team.

When Zenterio OS was successfully launched in 2010, it marked the revival of Nokia’s original vision to create a standard operating system for TV end-client devices.

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