Zenterio boosts delivery capacity via 27M Group acquisition

Zenterio is expanding its Linköping development operations via acquisition of the technology consultancy company 27M Group in order to manage TV operators’ increased demand for the company’s interactive-TV software solution. With this deal, Zenterio is implementing an SEK 37 million cash consideration on 1 September 2014—to strengthen its development capacity and shorten time-to-market for its operator customers.

“The TV market is a competitive sector in which consolidation is becoming increasingly common,” says Robin Rutili, Zenterio’s CEO. “We see clear need on the operators’ side for flexible, scalable TV solutions. The addition of 27M’s industry-leading expertise enables us to quickly help TV operators offer more modern, interactive viewing experiences and solutions connecting all screens in a home into a multi-room, multi-monitor environment. Zenterio’s solution allow for the endless opportunities afforded by the Internet to be better integrated and become natural parts of end customers’ TV experience.”

In July, Zenterio entered a strategic partnership with Viaccess-Orca, a leading global provider of payment and distribution solutions. Through this partnership, Zenterio’s software platform is available for half of the world’s largest TV platforms. Sales via global partners have led to heightened demand for Zenterio’s independent operating system. Consequently, Zenterio’s license base is expected to expand significantly during 2H 2014.

Through the 27M Group acquisition, Zenterio strengthens its development operation in Linköping with an additional 40 system developers, and the company now employs 150 persons. In May 2014, former 27M CEO Anders Visell became Zenterio’s chief operating officer. Today, he manages operations at the company’s development center in Linkoping.

27M Group, which was founded in Linköping in 2002, has been a long-term business development partner for Zenterio. The 27M Group has extensive experience in software development, testing, and implementation for TV operators and has delivered solutions to companies such as Boxer, TiVo, and ComHem. Besides enhanced development operations, synergies will be realized on the revenue and expense sides. The 27M Group forecasts sales of about SEK 50 million in 2014 and a 10 percent EBITDA margin.

The purchasing price of SEK 37 million has been paid for by an issue of 2 million shares, made today and representing a stock dilution of 4.3 percent. The total number of shares after the acquisition amounts to 46,778,135.

For more information, contact Daniel Harju, / +46 70-432 3265

Press release for download: Zenterio boosts delivery capacity

Zenterio and Viaccess-Orca Partner to Deliver Flexible, Interactive TV Solutions

Partnership enables operators to launch rapidly new interactive TV services on a variety of set-top boxes without having to replace legacy hardware

Stockholm (11 August, 2014) — Zenterio, provider of the independent operating system platform for interactive TV, and Viaccess-Orca (VO), a global leader in the protection and enhancement of content services announced today a strategic partnership. Under the terms of the partnership, VO will offer Zenterio’s software solution as part of its end-to-end solutions to TV operators worldwide. The deal supports VO’s go-to-market strategy in deploying or upgrading interactive TV services.

Through the partnership, Zenterio’s independent operating system Zenterio OS could be used as VO’s set-top-box software and support a variety of VO solutions, including Prime Sentinel (card-based CA ); Dynamic Sentinel (cardless-based CA), and Connected Sentinel (DRM) for security; and RiGHTv service delivery platform for engagement.

“We are happy to announce this partnership with VO and look forward to collaborating closely with VO going forward,” said Robin Rutili, CEO, Zenterio. “The partnership will enable TV operators to run Viaccess-Orca’s security and engagement solutions on both new and legacy set-top boxes, something that we see an increasing demand for in the market.”

IPTV and DTH projects are already underway for Zenterio and VO, and will be delivered during the second half of 2014. These projects allow the companies to address other customers’ needs with ready-to-deploy, proven solutions.

“Partnering with Zenterio, we are able to provide our customers with the ultimate interactive and secure TV experience with a short time to market,” said François Moreau de Saint Martin, CEO, Viaccess-Orca. “Operators can now fully take advantage of all that VO’s engagement and security solutions have to offer by simply adding Zenterio’s OS to their new and existing STBs.”

Global Media Contact:
Jennifer Kite-Powell
+ 33 6 95 35 82 42

Zenterio Acquires 27M Group

Through the acquisition of former partner 27M Group, Zenterio doubles its
development strength.

Zenterio, a leading provider of the independent operating system platform for
interactive TV, announced today the acquisition of former partner the Linköping-based
27M Group to meet the increasing demand for its scalable and unified software
platform for interactive TV services. The acquisition enables Zenterio to double its
development organization in Linköping and strengthens its ability to deliver faster
complete solutions for global TV operators. Sales via Zenterio’s global partners and
business deals with, among others, Deutsche Telekom has strongly increased the
demand for the company’s independent operating system.

“The TV-operator’s need of flexible and scalable TV solutions has become increasingly
evident,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Chairman of the Board, Zenterio. “As the TV-operators
now are consolidated to achieve greater subscriber bases while the individual consumer’s
demand for interactive services is increasing as a amended set of requirements on the
operators of distribution platforms. Today, a supplier needs to master both traditional digital
TV technology and the most advanced Internet technology in order to be relevant for the

“The knowledge required in today’s complex TV environment is very hard to find. With 27M’s
leading expertise in software development, we can better meet the demand from cable TV
operators with our scalable and standardized software solution,” said Robin Rutili, CEO,
Zenterio. “By strengthening development activities in Linköping, we ensure that time-tomarket
for our customers now becomes even faster.”

27M was founded in 2002 and has, since a long time, been a development partner to
Zenterio. 27M Group has extensive experience in the development, testing and
implementation of software solutions for TV operators.

“We are very satisfied with Zenterio’s acquisition of us and to jointly create a strong Zenterio
on the international market. 27M Group will provide expertise in several strategic areas, and
we look forward to develop Zenterio’s operating system and expand globally.” said Jan
Martensson, Chairman, 27M Group.

Zenterio will take up the shares of 27M September 1, 2014 and through the acquisition,
Zenterio doubles its development organization in Linköping with another 40 system
developers and has after the acquisition 150 employees in total. In May, 27M’s former CEO
Anders Visell was recruited as Chief Operating Officer for Zenterio and he will continue to
lead the business at Zenterio’s development center in Linköping.

For further information, contact Pelle Rosell, 070-926 27 33

Press release for download: Zenterio Acquires 27M Group

Zenterio issues SEK 115 million in new shares and prepares for an IPO

• Zenterio AB has successfully closed an investment round that raised approx. SEK 115 million in new capital through the issue of new ordinary shares to Nordic qualified investors with most of the capital coming from Nordic institutional investors

• The capital will primarily be used to finance continued rapid growth ahead of an IPO on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm’s main market, planned for within the next 12 months

• Zenterio recently announced a breakthrough deal with Deutsche Telekom which, together with a number of other new global customers, is predicted to result in strong expansion for the company

• The company will significantly increase licensing volumes for its operating system Zenterio OS during 2014 and the subsequent year as a direct result of business deals entered within the last months

• As a next step, Zenterio sees great potential in leveraging its installed licensing base to deliver interactive services such as advertising, applications, gaming, video and music

”Zenterio has seen a large influx of new business deals with international TV-operators during the last few months. With this directed share issue, Zenterio has secured capital initially needed for an IPO within a year and to meet increased demand on the global market. We will now bring the company to positive results, expand quickly and maintain our independent market position,” says Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Zenterio’s Board Chairman.

How Zenterio solves the TV-operators’ biggest challenge
The operating system Zenterio OS is a standardized and independent software platform for interactive TV-services. Zenterio OS provides TV-operators with a harmonized software solution that enables them to quickly and cost-efficiently roll-out the next generation of interactive services to their Pay-TV customers. Zenterio OS is compatible with existing hardware and thus solves the TV-market’s extensive problem with a fragmented software environment, which is a main challenge for TV-operators set on developing and launching new TV-services.

Digital media consumption in the future
TV-operators today experience strongly increased competition over the consumers’ digital media consumption. To meet new consumer demand for improved interactivity and customer experience, TV-operators need to continuously increase the value of their current programing offerings in combination with offering new kinds of TV-services. As opposed to the PC- and mobile phone-markets, which are dominated by a small number of operating systems, the TV-market currently has about 100 different operating systems. The development of a market for TV applications and interactive services requires a standardization of the fragmented operating system environment. Numerous operating systems make it both expensive and complex for operators to offer new services to customers. There is therefore great market demand for independent software solutions that are compatible with all interactive-TVs and set-top-boxes.

Today there are about 650 million households worldwide with a Pay-TV subscription, which constitute the base for Zenterio’s potential market. This market is growing rapidly as the world transitions from analogue to digital TV-broadcasting and as more and more households get connected to the Internet, both of which create new possibilities for Pay-TV solutions. The market for TV-operating systems is therefore not much smaller than the equivalent market for PCs.

Pareto Securities AB and Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå have provided financial and legal advice (respectively) to Zenterio during the targeted investment round.

The board of directors of Zenterio has resolved on a directed issue of new ordinary shares to Swedish and Nordic qualified investors pursuant to the authorization given by the annual general meeting on 30 May 2013. The issue price was decided, through a so called book building, to 18.50 SEK per ordinary share, which means that Zenterio is provided with approximately 115 MSEK before issue costs. The reason for deviating from the shareholders’ preferential rights is to raise necessary capital to enable a continued quick expansion. Through the share issue the number of ordinary shares in Zenterio increases by 6,216,218 from 33,518,029 to 39,734,247 (out of a total amount of 44,778,135 shares). The new issued ordinary shares are equivalent to approximately 13.9% of the total number of shares and votes in Zenterio.

For more information, please contact Daniel Harju, +46 70-432 3265,

Kallelse till årsstämma i Zenterio AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Zenterio AB (publ) kallas härmed till årsstämma 2014.

Datum: onsdagen den 25 juni 2014
Tid: kl 11:00
Plats: bolagets lokaler, Diskettgatan 11 B, Linköping

Aktieägare som önskar delta i årsstämman skall dels vara införda i den av Euroclear Sweden AB förda aktieboken onsdagen den 18 juni 2014, dels anmäla sig för deltagande på årsstämman hos bolaget under adress Zenterio AB, att. Eva Kernell Sandberg, Diskettgatan 11 B, 583 35 Linköping eller per e-post Anmälan skall vara bolaget tillhanda senast onsdagen den 18 juni 2014. Vid anmälan skall uppges namn, person-/organisationsnummer telefonnummer dagtid samt eventuella biträden. Aktieägare som företräds genom ombud skall utfärda fullmakt för ombudet. Fullmakten i original samt, för juridisk person, bestyrkt kopia av registreringsbevis, bör i god tid före stämman sändas till bolaget på ovanstående postadress. Fullmakten är giltig högst ett år från utfärdandet, dock att fullmaktens giltighetstid får vara längst fem år från utfärdandet om detta särskilt anges. Fullmaktsformulär finns tillgängligt på bolagets hemsida,

Aktieägare med förvaltaregistrerade aktier måste tillfälligt inregistrera sina aktier i eget namn för att äga rätt att delta på stämman. Sådan registrering skall vara verkställd hos Euroclear Sweden AB onsdagen den 18 juni 2014. Kontakt bör tas med förvaltaren i god tid före detta datum.

1. Stämmans öppnande.
2. Val av ordförande vid stämman.
3. Upprättande och godkännande av röstlängd.
4. Val av en eller två justeringsmän.
5. Prövning av om stämman blivit behörigen sammankallad.
6. Godkännande av dagordning.
7. Framläggande av årsredovisning och revisionsberättelse samt koncernredovisning och koncernrevisionsberättelse för verksamhetsåret 2013; i samband med detta ett anförande av den verkställande direktören.
8. Beslut
a. om fastställande av resultaträkning och balansräkning samt koncernresultaträkning och koncernbalansräkning,
b. om dispositioner beträffande bolagets förlust enligt den fastställda balansräkningen, samt
c. om ansvarsfrihet för styrelseledamöterna och verkställande direktören.
9. Fastställande av styrelse- och revisorsarvode.
10. Fastställande av antalet styrelseledamöter och eventuella styrelsesuppleanter samt revisorer och eventuella revisorssuppleanter.
11. Information om vilka uppdrag de som styrelsevalet avser har i andra företag.
12. Val av styrelse och eventuella styrelsesuppleanter samt revisor och eventuella revisorssuppleanter.
13. Nomineringskommitténs förslag om val av ny nomineringskommitté.
14. Styrelsen förslag till bemyndigande för styrelsen att fatta beslut om nyemission av aktier m.m.
15. Stämmans avslutande.

Punkterna 2, 9, 10, 12 och 13 På årsstämma den 30 maj 2013 beslutades att bolaget ska ha en nomineringskommitté bestående av en representant för envar av de fyra till röstetalet största aktieägarna jämte styrelsens ordförande.

Beträffande punkterna 2, 9, 10, 12 och 13 har nomineringskommittén ännu inte färdigställt slutliga förslag men avser att återkomma så snart förslag föreligger. Nomineringskommitténs förslag kommer att finnas tillgängliga på bolagets hemsida,

Punkten 8b
Styrelsen föreslår att bolagets förlust per den 31 december 2013 överförs i ny räkning.

Punkten 14
Styrelsen föreslår att bolagsstämman fattar beslut om att bemyndiga styrelsen att under tiden intill nästa årsstämma, vid ett eller flera tillfällen, med eller utan företrädesrätt för befintliga aktieägare, fatta beslut om nyemission av aktier, teckningsoptioner och/eller konvertibler mot betalning kontant, genom kvittning eller med apportegendom eller annars med villkor, dock att sådan emission inte får medföra (i) att bolagets aktiekapital eller antal aktier överstiger bolagets högsta aktiekapital eller antal aktier enligt vid var tid gällande bolagsordning eller (ii) en total utspädningseffekt vid full teckning av aktierna respektive fullt utnyttjande av teckningsoptionerna eller konvertiblerna överstigande 10 procent i förhållande till bolagets vid var tid gällande aktiekapital.

Beslut enligt denna punkt är giltigt endast om det biträds av aktieägare med minst två tredjedelar (2/3) av såväl de avgivna rösterna som de vid stämman företrädda aktierna.

Redovisningshandlingar, revisionsberättelse och styrelsens förslag till beslut enligt punkten 14 ovan hålls tillgängliga hos bolaget från och med den 4 juni 2014 och skickas i anslutning därtill ut till de aktieägare som begär det och uppger sin postadress. Samtliga ovanstående handlingar kommer också att framläggas på bolagsstämman.

Styrelsen och den verkställande direktören skall, om någon aktieägare begär det och styrelsen anser att det kan ske utan väsentlig skada för bolaget, vid årsstämman lämna upplysningar om:

(i) förhållanden som kan inverka på bedömningen av ett ärende på dagordningen, och

(ii) förhållanden som kan inverka på bedömningen av bolagets ekonomiska situation.

Upplysningsplikten avser även bolagets förhållanden till annat koncernföretag samt koncernredovisning och dotterföretags förhållanden.

Linköping i maj 2014
Zenterio AB (publ)

Valberedningens förslag inför årsstämma i Zenterio AB (publ) 25 juni 2014
Fullmaktsformulär årsstämma 2014

Magyar Telekom, a Deutsche Telekom Group Subsidiary, Deploys Zenterio Independent Operating System on Two New Set-Top Boxes

London (19 March 2014) — Zenterio, provider of the independent operating system platform for interactive TV, announced today that Magyar Telekom, a Deutsche Telekom Group subsidiary in Hungary, has deployed Zenterio Operating System on two new set-top boxes (STBs) that will support both PVR and interactive, multi-room TV services.

This deployment allows Magyar Telekom to develop services for its TV subscribers in Hungary and harmonize its STB software client environment. The independent operating system provides the opportunity to extend deployment and standardize TV offerings across regions.

The Zenterio OS solution enables TV operators to design and deliver new and advanced interactive services including music, social activity and Internet TV across a variety of devices. Its flexible platform standardizes features and eliminates barriers from multiple operating systems and complicated infrastructure so that operators can independently choose hardware, middleware and back-end solutions.

In a recent global survey report amongst professionals in the TV delivery industry, Zenterio reported that 92% of survey participants see a need to upgrade their TV service by launching new interactive services, however, their existing legacy infrastructure stands in the way and 69% of respondents experience problems running multiple operating systems on STBs.

“Operators are looking to stay competitive by offering original and interactive services to their users, however the industry is facing a hardware fragmentation problem that prevents them from standardizing features, a crucial element to innovation and performance in this sector,” said Robin Rutili, CEO of Zenterio. “Zenterio is focused on providing efficient and cost-effective software so that operators can stay ahead of the curve and provide a competitive long-term service offering as future industry needs and technologies change. Being selected by Magyar Telekom, part of the Deutsche Telekom group, confirms the quality and ability of Zenterio as a solution vendor. ”

“We are glad we chose a renowned industry player for our TV solutions” confirmed Thomas Staneker, Head of Deutsche Telekom’s International TV Service Center in Budapest. “We are looking forward to successfully expand our relation to Zenterio on the basis of this great achievement in Hungary.”

Launched in February 2014, Zenterio’s STB platform at Magayr Telekom is available in both PVR and non-PVR versions, features DVB-S, IP, OTT and multi-room capabilities running in a Conax advanced security environment. The products share media between themselves and other DNLA-enabled devices. The advanced IPTV backend solution is delivered by a world leading supplier and is running on STB hardware by KAONMEDIA.

About Zenterio
Zenterio develops an independent software platform, Zenterio OS, for interactive TV that is positioned to become a global standard. Zenterio’s software can be used on any new and existing hardware. With Zenterio OS, operators can quickly and cost-effectively provide new interactive services and applications. Zenterio partners with global system integrators, set-top box suppliers, CA/DRM providers, and chipset manufacturers. The company evolved from the former Nokia Home Communication, which Nokia divested in 2002. Its headquarters are in Stockholm and its R&D center is in Linköping, Sweden. The company has sales offices in Prague and Milan. Zenterio is an unlisted company and is mainly owned by private investors and private equity firm Scope. The chairman of the board is former Nokia CEO Mr. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.
For more information please visit

About Magyar Telekom
Magyar Telekom is the principal provider of telecom services in Hungary. It provides a full range of telecommunications and infocommunications (ICT) services including fixed line and mobile telephony, data transmission and non-voice as well as IT and systems integration services. Magyar Telekom is the majority owner of Makedonski Telekom, the leading fixed line and mobile operator in Macedonia and it holds a majority stake in Crnogorski Telekom, the leading telecommunications operator in Montenegro. Magyar Telekom’s majority shareholder (59.2%) is Deutsche Telekom AG. For further information visit

About the International TV Service Center
The Budapest based International TV Service Center aggregates the engineering muscle of seven Deutsche Telekom affiliates in Southern and Eastern Europe in one single organization. Its main mission is to plan and build cutting edge TV solutions that deliver linear and on-demand entertainment services over a multitude of network technologies to all screens. On the basis of its more than 3 million Pay-TV subscribers and driven by innovation and speed, the TV Service Center is an important element DT to leading the market while at the same time allowing to benefit from a maximum of synergies.

# # #

Global Media Contact:
Jennifer Kite-Powell Hicks
+ 33 6 95 35 82 42

Study From Zenterio Reveals Eight Out of 10 Operators Prefer Running One Operating System for Set-Top Boxes

Stockholm (14 March 2014) — Zenterio, provider of the independent operating system platform for interactive TV, and Digital TV Europe reveal new survey findings in a white paper entitled “Interactive TV: The Big Picture.”

 Involving more than 200 executives from TV operators and industry professionals worldwide, the survey addresses the challenges operators face in providing interactive TV services to their customers.

  • 92% of survey participants see a need to upgrade their TV service by launching new interactive services. However, their existing legacy infrastructure stands in the way.
  • 69% of respondents experience problems running multiple operating systems on set-top boxes (STBs).
  • The survey shows the main problems operators experience running multiple operating systems for STBs are costly operations and maintenance (61%), long launch times for new services (53%), high costs for customer support (45%), and inefficiencies in sourcing STBs (36%).
  • 81% of operators say they would benefit from running one operating system for STBs as this would simplify service roll-out and decrease time to market.

The whitepaper also shows that over-the-top (OTT) services are viewed as both a threat and an opportunity by pay-TV providers, with relatively few respondents viewing OTT simply as a threat to their existing business.

”This survey clearly indicates something we have believed for a long time: that a complex infrastructure for set-top boxes hinders operators from being innovative in their markets,” says Samuel Lindstedt, CEO for Zenterio. “TV operators should implement one unified operating system on all set-top boxes to be able to launch interactive services cheaper and faster. That’s something Zenterio can help operators achieve.”

About Zenterio

Zenterio develops an independent software platform, Zenterio OS, for interactive TV that is positioned to become a global standard. Zenterio’s software can be used on any new and existing hardware. With Zenterio OS, operators can quickly and cost-effectively provide new interactive services and applications. Zenterio partners with global system integrators, set-top box suppliers, CA/DRM providers, and chipset manufacturers. The company evolved from the former Nokia Home Communication, which Nokia divested in 2002. Its headquarters are in Stockholm and its R&D center is in Linköping, Sweden. The company has sales offices in Prague and Milan. Zenterio is an unlisted company and is mainly owned by private investors and private equity firm Scope. The chairman of the board is former Nokia CEO Mr. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

ACCESS Media Sharing and TV-Centric Browser Integrated with Zenterio OS

London, March 12th, 2014 ACCESS CO., LTD (TV Connect stand 93), a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, and Zenterio, the provider of the independent operating system platform for interactive TV, today announced they will demonstrate ACCESS powered media sharing at TV Connect (18-20 March), Olympia, London. NetFront™ Browser NX is also integrated with Zenterio OS, as announced at IBC 2013.

“The ACCESS and Zenterio collaboration provides TV operators with an A to Z of advanced TV services,” said Dr. Neale Foster, VP Global Sales TV, ACCESS. “The integration of ACCESS HTML5 browsing and DLNA media sharing strengthens Zenterio OS and is designed to help Zenterio build on its impressively accelerating market traction.”

“TV Connect sees us announce the integration with ACCESS’ NetFront Browser NX, building on the earlier integration of, NetFrontTM Living Connect media sharing solution” said Samuel Lindstedt, CEO, Zenterio. “We chose to integrate ACCESS’ media sharing and browser with Zenterio OS because ACCESS has a great tradition of embedded software, great market penetration and its products have high functionality.” 

ACCESS (93) is to host demos of NetFront Browser NX TV-centric HTML5 browser and NetFront Living Connect DLNA Technology Component.

Zenterio (91) will demonstrate how its independent operating system is now integrated with NetFront Living Connect to provide DLNA-based media sharing.

ACCESS Zenterio TV Connect Press

Computer Sweden: Zenterio among Sweden’s hottest IT companies

Zenterio is one of the hottest Swedish companies within IT and telecom, according to the newspaper Computer Sweden. The leading IT trade publication today published its HIT list with Zenterio in 11th place. The HIT list is a first annual listing of the most promising companies that combine innovation with growth and thus develop many of the technologies and business opportunities that are important for Sweden. The HIT list contains a total of 50 companies that have been carefully selected from among thousands of companies in Sweden.

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