Interactive TV services

What are the money makers?

Business benefits

We make sure you grow your business


Be Innovative

Fuel your innovation. By shortening the time it takes to launch a new service on the market, it becomes easier and more worthwhile for you to provide the best TV service out there.


Make Money

Create new business opportunities. Unleash a variety of new revenue streams from interactive services. Only you can set the limit.


Decrease Costs

Cut your costs from launching, sourcing and supporting. And receive cutting-edge product releases for a fraction of the cost.

Case study

Why the most innovative TV operators use Zenterio OS

Riks TV

“Zenterio allows us to move and adapt much more quickly”
Christopher Knudsen, CTO, RiksTV

Zenterio helped RiksTV to substantially reduce their time to markets regarding new services and cut their costs for sourcing set-top boxes.